Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic Structured Packing consists of many similar geometric design packing units. The geometric design is a series of corrugated sheets, which are placed in parallel. Ceramic Structured Packing has high filtering and separating efficiency to suit the complex applications. It also has features of low pressure drop, increased operating elasticity, minimum amplifying effect and maximum liquid treatment. Ceramic structured packing can be made into round, square, or rectangular shape to suit different applications.

Ceramic Structured Packing is made with different geometrical shape and corrugation angle.

According to different corrugation angle, there are X Type and Y Type. The X Type stands for the 30° angle, and the Y Type stands for the 45° angle. X type structured packing has small pressure drop and the Y type structured packing has better mass transfer property.

Ceramic Structured Packing 150Y
Ceramic Structured Packing 250Y
Ceramic Structured Packing 350Y
Ceramic Structured Packing 450Y 
Harmony Ceramic Structured Packing Specifications
ItemModelVoidagePlate thicknessBulk densityPeak HeightCorrugation DistanceF FactorTheoretical Plate Number 
HCSP-01125Y852.5 ± 0.5490234231 – 1.5 
HCSP-02150Y842.2 ± 0.252017302.81.5 – 2 
HCSP-03250Y821.4 ± 0.258013222.52-3 
HCSP-04350Y801.2 ± 0.259091523.5 – 4 
HCSP-05450Y761 ± 0.26306.5111.5 -24-5 
HCSP-06500Y720.8 ± 0.2650610 – 10.59-125-6 
HCSP-07550Y (X)740.8 ± 0.26805101 – 1.35-6 
HCSP-08700Y(X)720.8 ± 0.27004.581.2 – 1.46-7

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