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Copper mesh, also known as copper wire mesh, red copper wire cloth, pure copper wire mesh or copper screen, is a plain square weave mesh woven by copper wire (copper is a soft and malleable material, and its chemical composition is 99.9% Cu), it is woven by the copper and this material is made of natural copper. It cannot be claimed to be 100% copper as there will be trace amounts of other elements involved. But 99.99% is as pure as you can get. As a natural copper, this product will become verdigris over time. Copper wire offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine. Copper applications are limited due to its low tensile strength, poor resistance to abrasion and common acids. As it is a very soft metal, so it is easy to cut and form.

Copper wire mesh can be supplied from 1-200mesh.

Copper wire cloth: The primary usages of copper in wire cloth are in these applications requiring corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, spark resistance and non-magnetic properties. Copper wire cloth finds wide usage in traveling water screens, radio frequency interference shielding, sugar and marine applications.

which has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and on-magnetic. So, copper mesh can be widely used as electromagnets interference and radio frequency interference shielding, it is also used for separation and filtration in many industries. Before 1990, It is also used as window insect screen as Cu price is not that high yet.

Because copper meshes have a long service life and as the sign of prestige and wealth, sometimes they are used in construction for decoration house facades, particularly for the walls and ceilings, as durable and reliable reinforcement material for plastering

Our copper wire mesh is available in various mesh counts and specific opening sizes as the following table to meet industrial requirements.

Our popular copper mesh size as below: wire diameter is between 0.3 mm -1.2 mm. The preferred wire diameter is 0.6 mm. The opening size of the mesh can be between 4 mm-6 mm. The preferred opening size of the mesh is 5 mm. Mesh shape is square. Copper bare wire mesh 300 × 300 mm spacing.

According to the wire specification, copper meshes can classified into coarse, medium and fine wire mesh.
Coarse copper woven wire mesh includes 2 x 2 Mesh, 4 x 4 Mesh, 6 x 6 Mesh, 8 x 8 Mesh and 10 x 10 Mesh.

Medium Copper Wire Mesh includes: 12 x 12 Mesh, 14 x 14 Mesh, 16 x 16 Mesh, 18 x 18 Mesh, 20 x 20 Mesh, 22 x 22 Mesh, 24 x 24 Mesh, 30 x 30 Mesh and 40 x 40 Mesh.

Fine Copper Mesh / Fine Copper Wire Cloth includes: 50 x 50 Mesh, 60 x 60 Mesh, 80 x 80 Mesh and 100 x 100 Mesh.


Copper Wire Mesh Specification Table 
Mesh Wire Dia Mesh Wire Dia 
/Inch (MM) (Inch) /Inch (MM) (Inch) 
6Mesh 0.7110.028034Mesh 0.2340.0092
8Mesh 0.610.024036Mesh 0.2340.0092
10Mesh 0.5080.020038Mesh 0.2130.0084
12Mesh 0.4570.018040Mesh 0.1930.0076
14Mesh 0.4170.016442Mesh 0.1930.0076
16Mesh 0.3450.013646Mesh 0.1730.0068
18Mesh 0.3150.012448Mesh 0.1730.0068
20Mesh 0.3150.012450Mesh 0.1730.0068
22Mesh 0.3150.012460Mesh 0.1520.0060
24Mesh 0.3150.012470Mesh 0.1320.0052
26Mesh 0.2950.011680Mesh 0.1220.0048
28Mesh 0.2950.011690Mesh 0.1120.0044
30Mesh 0.2740.0108100Mesh 0.1020.0040