Flat Plate Packing Support Grating 

Packing Support Grating Multiple Components


Packing Support Grating is the simplest and most widely used packing support plate. It is welded onto the tower walls directly or welded onto the support frame on the tower wall. Cast iron grating plate is widely used in the chlor-alkali chlorine alkali industry and sulfuric acid industry. Packing Support Grating is widely used to support the structured packing. Sometimes, it is also be used to support the random packing, such as ceramic cross ring. When it is equipped with ceramic cross ring, it should be placed for several layers and the diameter is decreased by turns from bottom to top.

Materials of Packing Support Grating

Carbon steel.
Cast iron.
Plastic. Including PP, CPVC, PVDF.
Stainless steel.
Fiber reinforced plastic.

Packing Support Grating Single Component
Packing Support Grating Unframed

Packing Support Grating Structure

If the tower diameter is small, it will be supplied in a whole piece.
When the tower diameter is large, it should be divided into several parts and each parts width is between 300 and 400 mm. Moreover, the weight of each part should not be too weight to installing and uninstalling.
< 600 mm. Grating plate are supplied in a whole plate.
600–800 mm. Grating plate are divided into two parts.
900–1200 mm. Grating plate are divided into three parts.
1400–1600 mm. Packing Support Grating are divided into four parts.

Reinforced bar

To improve the stiffness of grating plate, the upper and bottom reinforced bar should be welded onto the Packing Support Grating when the tower diameter is larger than 900 mm. When the Packing Support Grating is used for supporting corrugated structured packings, it is no need to assemble grid.

Packing Support Grating Framed
Packing Support Grating Wedling on Site

Packing support grating plate frame

The Packing Support Grating can be supplied with or without outer frames.
Framed Grating. It will be welded onto the supporting plate or supporting ring on the tower packing.
Unframed Grating. The bolts and nuts can be designed to the grating plate for easy assembling and fastening.

Installation of packing support grating plate

If the tower diameter is small, the Packing Support Grating can be welded onto the tower wall directly.
When the tower diameter is large, the grating plate should be welded on the supporting ring or supporting plate for reinforcement.
< 350 mm. Grating plate are welded onto the tower wall.
> 350 mm. Grating plate should be welded onto the supporting ring on the tower wall.

Packing Support Grating Without Reinforced Bar


It is suitable for supporting the corrugated structured packing and random packing.
it is widely used in the following tower types:
Sulfuric acid absorption tower.
Drying tower.
Cooling tower.

In the sulfuric acid cooling tower, the grating plate is placed with acid resistance ceramic cross ring on the ceramic grating plate. And the particle random packing are placed on the top.
In the drying tower, the grating plated is used to support the perforated corrugated plate packing. It can help to increase the open area through enlarging the strip distance.

ItemTower Diameter
ThicknessReinforced bar
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

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