Liquid Distributor 


Liquid Distributor is an important tower internals in the packed tower, which is installed upper of the packing hold down and connect with the liquid inlet. The structure of Liquid Distributor is reasonable to prevent disturbing hold down device for higher mass transfer efficiency.

Liquid Distributor Drawing
Liquid Distributor Stainless Steel Pipe

In the mass transfer process, evenly distribution of liquid and gas is certain important. If the liquid and gas are not evenly distributed across the superficial tower area when it enters the packing bed, the liquid-to-gas ratio will be incorrect and the required separation efficiency will be reduced and even fail. To ensure the intimate contact and high mass transfer efficiency, any cross section in the packed tower should be evenly distributed with gas and liquid. So, the Liquid Distributor, especially the pre-distributor is priority among priorities.


Suitable distribution point density. The distribution point density should be matched with packing. The larger specific surface area of packing, the precious separation requirements and the larger distribution point density.
High operation flexibility and good adaptation. It can be used in various temperature and different corrosive environments.
Uniform gas distribution and low resistance. It can supply maximum free interfacial rate to ensure the uniform distribution.
Reasonable structure. The structure is easy to fabrication, installation, adjustment and maintenance.
Multiple types for choice. Different types and multiple materials for choice to suit different applications and media.

Liquid Distributor Spray Nozzle Type


The Liquid Distributor has various types according to different standard and using conditions.

Spray Nozzles Distributor. Hemispherical spray nozzle will distribute the liquids evenly to the random or structured packing bed. There are numerous small holes in 3–10 mm on the nozzle. It is suitable for the smaller diameter packed tower, which is smaller than 600 mm.

Perforated Pipe Distributor. Single row or double row perforated pipes will evenly distribute the liquid to the packing bed through perforated holes under the pipe. It is widely used in the medium liquid, reduced pressure distillation towers and wire gauze structured packing towers. It can be made into ladder shapes and ring shapes.

Through Distributor. It has through type and through-pan type, which is widely used in the heavy liquid and gas load, high viscosity liquid and liquid with suspended solid.

Orifice Distributor. It can be divided into perforated plate type and pan type. The liquid will flow down through perforated holes or overflow from the annulus between the distributor and the vessel. It is suitable for the small diameter tower, which is smaller than the 800 mm.

Liquid Distributor Perforated Plate Type
Liquid Distributor Orifice Type Perforated Pipe and Plate

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