Mesh Pad Demister

Mesh Pad DEMISTER Applications

Knockout drums and separators – save on capital costs by decreasing vessel size-recover costly fatty acids from stream-reduce compressor maintenance by preventing scale build-up.

Absorbers – reduce overhead losses of glycols in dehydrators to no more than 0.1 gal/MMSCF natural gas-cut losses of absorption oil and amines in CO2 systems.

Scrubbers – reduce chemical discharges from Kraft mill smelt dissolver tank to less than 0.11 kg/dry ton (0.25 lb/dry ton) of pulp-improve scrubber efficiency by removing particulates carried in entrained liquids.

Distillation columns – improve product purities and increase throughput capacities for petrochemicals, organic intermediates, fine chemicals.

Evaporators – prevent carryover loss of valuable products, keep condensate TDS <10 ppm for highest quality boiler feed water-clean up vacuum ejector stream discharge-lower maintenance in vapor re-compression systems.

High pressure steam systems – provide dry steam- cut TDS to <10 ppb in condensate-eliminate build-up on turbine blades.

Refinery towers – increase throughput capacity-take deeper cuts for greater product yields – prolong catalyst life in downstream cracking and reforming units by reducing carbon and metals in side draws-use lower grade crudes.

Mesh Pad Demister / Mist Eliminator Application
Operating data
GasMax. gas volume flow (operating conditions)M3/h 
Gas density (operating condistions)Kg/m3 
Operating pressureBar (a) 
Operating temperature 
LiquidLiquid contentKg/h 
Liquid densityKg/m3 
Dynamic viscosity of the liquidmPas 
Geometrical data
Flow directionHorizontal¨
Installed inColumn¨
Column diameter or dimensionsmm 
Opening for installationManhole¨ DN
Vessel flange¨ Size
type of mist eliminatorWire mesh demister 
Efficiency of separation% 
Max. pressure drop  

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