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Multi-beam Packing Support Grating, is made of gratings with several supporting beams. It can be made of metallic (carbon steel, stainless steel), plastic (PP, PVDF, CPVC), fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and ceramic materials. When it is made by metal, mostly the material is perforated metal with high or low open area percentage and different hole shapes.

Multi-beam Packing Support Grating is widely used in the absorption tower, washing tower and distillation towers for random packing support. It has high open area; extremely low pressure drops and separated gas and liquid paths for high mass transfer efficiency.



290 mm fixed width. It is assembled with several supporting beams, which has 290 mm width and 250–300 mm height.
10 mm fixed liquid drainage distance. Each neighbor beam is set a 10 mm pitch for liquid drainage.
Smaller than 10 mm opening size. The slot, square or round openings on the beam are smaller than 10 mm, which can prevent the 10 mm packing leaking.
Sectional design. Sectional design for easy transporting and installing and entering from manway.
Separated channel for liquid and gas. Gas rises from the beam top and liquid flow down from the flat way to supply extremely low pressure drop.
With or without outer frame. The multi-beam packing support can be designed with or without outer frame to suit different diameters of packing tower.

678456-multi beam packing support material stainless steel

Stainless Steel Multi-beam Packing Support 

Plastic Multi-beam Packing Support Grating


Material: metallic, plastic, ceramic, graphite.
Opening pattern: round, slot and various other customized patterns.
Diameter: maximum is 10 m.
Operating temperature:
Stainless steel packing support < 300 °C.
Carbon steel packing support < 200 °C.

Framed Multi-beam Packing Support Grating 

Unframed Multi-beam Packing Support Grating-


The Multi-beam Packing Support Grating is ideal for random packing support, especially the ring shape and saddle shape packings.

Tower diameter < 1200 mm, the packing tower is equipped with multi-beam packing support with frame.
Tower diameter > 1200 mm, the multi-beam packing support without frame is better for that.

Framed Multi-beam Packing Support Grating 

Unframed Multi-beam Packing Support Grating-


It is suitable for different packing towers:
Absorption tower.
Scrubbing tower.
Distillation tower.
It is widely used in various industries: