Perforated Metal Structured Packing


Perforated Metal Structured Packing is made of various materials of perforated metal plate. The plate is perforated to form a series of 3-6 mm holes and then corrugated. This design makes the liquid evenly distributed. Additionally, it can the improve the surface wettability of structured packing. The perforated metal structured packing has high strength and excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance to be used in the large diameter towers and high liquid loading applications.

Protruded Plate Structured Packing is a special type of Perforated Plate Structured Packing, it is protruded on the plate surface for improving the filtering efficiency.

According to different corrugation angle, there are X Type and Y Type. The X Type stands for the 30° angle, and the Y Type stands for the 45° angle. X type structured packing has small pressure drop and the Y type structured packing has better mass transfer property.

According to Material, there are Stainless Steel 304 Perforated Metal Structured Packing, Stainless Steel 316L Perforated Metal Structured Packing. Harmony does make other material of Perforated Metal structured packing as well, such as Perforated Brass Structured Packing, or perforated 2304 Structured Packing, Perforated 2205 Structured Packing.

Perforated Stainless Steel 304 Structured Packing
Perforated Stainless Steel 316L Structured Packing
Perforated Structured Packing 350Y 
Perforated Structured Packing Stocking 250Y 
    Harmony Perforated Metal Structured Packing Specifications
ItemModelSpecific AreaBulk DensityVoidagePressure DropsTheoretical Plate Number
HPMSP-01125Y125100982001 – 1.2
HPMSP-02250Y250200973002 – 2.5
HPMSP-03350Y35028093503.5 – 4
HPMSP-04500Y500360924004 – 4.5
HPMSP-05125X125100981400.8 – 0.9
HPMSP-06250X250200971801.6 – 2
HPMSP-07350X350280942302.3 – 2.8
HPMSP-08500X500360922802.8 – 3.2

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