Plastic Structured Packing 

Plastic Structured Packing can be divided into Nonmetal Wire Mesh Packing and Non Metal Plate Packing. The Nonmetal Wire Mesh Packing is made of PP and PE materials, and Non Metal Plate Packing is made of PP or PVDF or other material. Openings can be added onto the plate to improve the mass transfer efficiency. Similar to the ceramic structure packing and metal structured packing, the plastic structured packing can also be made into round or rectangular shapes. Special shapes can be customized。

PP Structured Packing

According to different corrugation angle, there are X Type and Y Type. The X Type stands for the 30° angle, and the Y Type stands for the 45° angle. X type structured packing has small pressure drop and the Y type structured packing has better mass transfer property.

According to Material, there are PP Structured Packing, PTFE Structured Packing and FEP Structured Packing.

PTFE Structured Packing
FEP Structured Packing
ItemModelSpecific area
Bulk density
Theoretical plate number
Pressure drop
Max F factor
m/s (kg/m3)0.5
Liquid loading
HSPP-01125Y12598.537.51.0 – 2.020030.2 – 100
HSPP-02125X12598.537.50.8 – 0.91403.50.2 – 100
HSPP-03250Y25097752.0 – 2.53002.60.2 – 100
HSPP-04250X25097751.5 – 2.01802.80.2 – 100
HSPP-05350Y350951053.5 – 4.02002.00.2 – 100
HSPP-06350X350951052.3 – 2.81302.20.2 – 100
HSPP-07500Y500931504.0 – 4.53001.80.2 – 100
HSPP-08500X500931502.8 – 3.21802.00.2 – 100

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