PTFE Demister Pad 

PTFE is usually considered the King of the plastic materials. It has wonderful and perfect resistance to acid and other corrosive solutions. And it has good performance with a relatively high temperature. The working temperature of PTFE material can be as high as 258℃. PTFE mesh pad is made of knitted PTFE wire mesh tube. If grids are needed, both PTFE and SS316L materials are available with Harmony Metal Mesh. Usually if the operation condition is high corrosive, Harmony Metal Mesh recommend customers to use PTFE grids too. Pure PTFE material assures a longer period of service time, which at last helps save the total cost.

The benefits Harmony Metal Mesh can provide with our demister mist eliminators:

Advanced mechanical design and careful selection of materials provide maximum performance lifetime.

As a consequence of maximizing performance lifetime, life-cycle cost (total cost) is minimized.

Superior technical support minimizes risk in process design and plant operations.

When-needed delivery prevents unnecessary plant downtime.

Industry leadership in quality assures customer satisfaction

Generally, the opening area occupies 30% of the total area of the cylinder wall. This design helps vapor and liquid flow freely through these windows, making full use of the inner surface of the ring to improve the distribution of vapor and liquid. It can also improve the separating efficiency.


Knockout drums and separators – save on capital costs by decreasing vessel size-recover costly fatty acids from stream-reduce compressor maintenance by preventing scale build-up.

Absorbers – reduce overhead losses of glycols in dehydrators to no more than 0.1 gal/MMSCF natural gas-cut losses of absorption oil and amines in CO2 systems.

Scrubbers – reduce chemical discharges from Kraft mill smelt dissolver tank to less than 0.11 kg/dry ton (0.25 lbs./dry ton) of pulp-improve scrubber efficiency by removing particulates carried in entrained liquids.

Distillation columns – improve product purities and increase throughput capacities for petrochemicals, organic intermediates, fine chemicals.

Evaporators – prevent carryover loss of valuable products, keep condensate TDS <10 ppm for highest quality boiler feed water-clean up vacuum ejector stream discharge-lower maintenance in vapor re-compression systems.

High pressure steam systems – provide dry steam- cut TDS to <10 ppb in condensate-eliminate build-up on turbine blades.

Refinery towers – increase throughput capacity-take deeper cuts for greater product yields – prolong catalyst life in downstream cracking and reforming units by reducing carbon and metals in side draws-use lower grade crudes.

PTFE Knit Mesh Demister Mist Eliminator Specification Table.

Shape & SizeΦ900mm
Mesh Thickness150mm
Demister Height200mm
Wire Diameter0.3mm
Mesh Density193.7kg/m3
Void Fraction0.976/
Specific Area346m2/m3
Grids25*3 flat barmm

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