Anping Harmony Metal Mesh Co., Ltd


To protect the interests of our company and our customers, the company names are not shown here.

It is a great honor for us to be asked by Anping Harmony to say something. for our cooperation. This is an excellent company. We have cooperated with them when their name was still Anping Industrial, and at that time they had to receive our payment through an exp agent as they said that they were not allowed to have an USD acc… That was 15 years ago. It is a great honor to work with Anping Harmony. After 15 years, you are still contacting the same sales. They can satisfy most of our needs. It is a great feeling.
Charles from XXX Metal, USA

We had been purchasing the Demister Pad from a national importer years ago, well, the factory is actually in Thai. After I had contact with Anping Harmony, I found the quality make me happy. Thank you, Qinghe.
Erik Hinson from XXX, Australia

We talked with Anping Harmony Sales on the BIG5 Dubai in 2009. I would like to say that Anping Harmony is an excellent company. The first quotation they offered does not look much better than others, but when we chose two companies to place the trial order, I have to say that Harmony is the honest supplier we have in China. 

Eng. Mohammed from XXX L.L.C, UAE

I have their name from the internet, and this is actually the first time we would try to purchase sth from China directly. There is some misunderstanding in the sample confirming procedure, but after the sample confirmation, so far so good. I like Anping Harmony

Johnson From XXX, South Africa

We met Harmony on INTERNATIONAL EISENWARENMESSE 2014 in Cologne. Our fist trial order is a small order, as we had bad experience with other overseas suppliers before. The quality of the order we received from them made us happy. I can not see any quality difference between theirs and our local manufacturers’. Now we have purchased 3 containers from them already. 

Jose from xxx S.L. Spain